More Climate Fraud

On Monday, my wife and I were discussing ‘Climate $cience’ and she got a puzzled look on her face when I referred to it as an industry. Like so many people, she had crafted an imaginary view of climate researchers that somehow shielded them from the possibility of corruption, agenda, and self-enrichment. However, there is ample evidence that climatologists are just as human and flawed as any other person may be.

She and I are roughly the same age, though she doesn’t follow current events and politics nearly to the degree that I do. Such being the case, she had only a passing familiarity with the Climategate scandal of 2009. Truth be told, had it not been for folks like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, it probably never would have made its way into public conversation. The divulged emails exposed corruption and misinformation at all levels of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) with several of the questionable findings having been cited in reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Oddly absent from reports of this scandal was any mention of disciplinary action against those committing and conspiring to commit the fraud. No one can name a person who was fired or stripped of fellowship or anything of the sort. We are left to assume that, once the story fell out of the news cycle, everyone just went back to business as usual. The known corrupt reporting from NASA/NOAA in recent years only serves as a reminder that our assumption was likely justified.

It’s one thing to expose one organization’s corruption. It’s another thing entirely to find out that nearly every major organization working in a specific field has engaged in willful deception. At some point, it stops being a bunch of coincidences and starts to be a pattern. Researchers are brought in and funded for the purpose of establishing that average global temperatures are rising and human activity is causing it. If they can’t establish that, then there’s nothing to keep them employed.

Again, climate scientists are human beings. Human beings have bills to pay and families to support. It’s not good for a human being to lose their job, especially when their expertise is in a niche industry with little opportunity for lateral transition. So, what happens when the numbers fail to even establish that temperatures are rising? Well, you can’t pin it on human activity if you can’t even prove that it’s happening.

NASA and NOAA have come under some scrutiny over manipulated data in recent years and it shows no signs of stopping. This article is an in-depth and well-sourced report on the most recent climate deception.

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